china price OEM Wholesale Carbon Steel Alloy Worm Wheel Gear manufacturers

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CZPT Wholesale Carbon Metal Alloy Worm Wheel Gear

Carbon Metal Alloy Worm Wheel
Oem services

Dimension: 12”-26”
ET: 15-sixty
PCD: a hundred-185
Expectations: According to the CZPT er’s design and style
Complete: Silver gray hyper silver chrome black equipment encounter
Productioin and tests equipment: The low force casting equipment, gravity casting equipment, continuous warmth-managing furnace, the CNC lathe, Machining enter, automatic spray-portray line, the spectrum analyzer, X-ray equipment, 3-coordinates measuring device, rotary bending tester, the radial rolls exhaustion tester, impact tester, the salt spray tester, the CZPT substance testing device


Wheel dimensions offset Heart gap Bolt gap P.C.D Valve Rec,Sort
22.5*9.00 175 φ221 eight-φ32 φ285.75 V3-twenty-twelve 12R22.five
22.5*9.00 178 φ222 10-φ32 φ285.75 V3-twenty-6 12R22.five
22.5*9.00 one hundred seventy five φ281 10-φ26 φ335 V3-twenty-6 12R22.five
22.5*9.00 one hundred seventy five φ281 10-φ27 φ335 V3-20-4 12R22.five
22.5*9.00 173 φ281 10-φ26 φ335 V3-twenty-4 12R22.5
22.5*9.00 170 φ221 8-φ32 φ285 V3-twenty-four 12R22.five
22.5*9.00 171 φ220 10-φ26 φ285.75 V3-20-six 12R22.5
22.5*9.00 174 φ281 10-φ26 φ335 V3-20-six 12R22.5
22.5*9.00 a hundred sixty five φ281 ten-φ26 φ335 V3-20-6 12R22.5
22.5*9.00 169 φ281 ten-φ26 φ335 V3-20-six 12R22.5
22.5*9.00 176 φ221 8-φ32 φ285 V3-twenty-4 12R22.five

1) Approach: Resin sand casting.

2) Utilized software program for specification drawings:  CZPT CAD, Solidworks and many others.

3) Facility: CZPT ctric furnace, cupola furnace, anneal furnace, sand mixing machine, shot blast chamber, CZPT molding machine.

What we could do for you :

one) manufacturing facility promote right
two) CZPT -phrase,powerful and regular providing capability
3) supply time: 2-25 working days
4) do as your reuqirements on package,brand or other types
5) cost management will be better than other trading firms
6) robust income promotion policy
7) ex-manufacturing facility price and aggressive price
8)  replying you asap.


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china  price OEM Wholesale Carbon Steel Alloy Worm Wheel Gear manufacturers